Where to Have a Floating Breakfast (15 Best Destinations + Resorts)

A floating breakfast tray filled with tasty dishes, fruit juice and fizzy wine

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Are you looking for the best places to have a floating breakfast? I don’t blame you! A floating breakfast is a fun and unique experience that adds a special touch to your vacation.

Even though floating breakfasts are usually associated with Bali (it’s where it all started!), they’re available in a ton of other destinations now, too. 

So, if you want to level up your trip with a luxury floating breakfast – I’ve got you! I’ve listed below the top countries and places where you can indulge in the very best floating breakfasts.

What is a floating breakfast?

Floating hotel breakfasts are a huge travel trend. They’re geared towards a more luxury experience so they’re perfect for a honeymoon or special occasion. And it’s exactly what it sounds like – a breakfast that’s served floating in a pool!

You’ll find that the best resorts offer floating breakfasts in a private pool or with incredible views to make the experience intimate and picture-perfect. It’s an indulgent alternative to breakfast in bed!

Because floating breakfasts have become so popular, you’ll also find options for floating brunch as well as floating afternoon tea and aperitifs. They’re all the same concept and are a fun way to celebrate and try something new.

An aerial view of a heart-shaped breakfast tray floating in a tropical swimming pool

If you want to find the perfect spot for your next getaway, these destinations all have resorts where you can book a heavenly floating breakfast.

1 Bali, Indonesia

A private pool in a villa in Bali with a floating breakfast basket and petals that say 'I heart U'

First on the list had to be Bali! This is the destination where the floating breakfast originated from and it’s the place where you’ll find the most options.

As a destination, Bali is known for being super romantic. It’s a dream honeymoon location, so you’ll find floating breakfast experiences that are extra special. Think private pools nestled amongst lush jungle, surrounded by rice terraces or overlooking the ocean.

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Bali is also an affordable destination so floating breakfasts can be a little cheaper here than elsewhere. Plus, you’ll often find romantic touches – like flower petals and heart-shaped breakfast trays!

There are lots of places for a floating breakfast in Bali but Ubud is one of the best. I highly recommend visiting this part of the island for a magical getaway.

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Best Bali floating breakfast resorts

2 Maldives

A luxury overwater villa in the Maldives
Imagine having a floating breakfast here at Hilton Maldives Amingiri 😍

If you’re planning your honeymoon or a dream getaway, you’ve no doubt considered the Maldives. It’s one of the world’s best places for couples and offers so many bucket list experiences. 

Thanks to its luxury credentials, the Maldives is also the PERFECT setting for a heavenly floating breakfast!

You’ll find that most high-end resorts in the Maldives offer floating breakfasts as an option. And they couldn’t be more idyllic. You’ll be able to enjoy pastries, fruit platters and champagne all in a private pool overlooking the ocean.

Best floating breakfast Maldives resorts

3 French Polynesia

As another of the world’s best honeymoon destinations, it’s no surprise that French Polynesia also boasts floating breakfasts for two. As a postcard destination with some of the dreamiest resorts, a floating breakfast in French Polynesia is absolute goals!

The best options for floating breakfasts are in Bora Bora. It’s the most popular place for honeymooners and couples so you can expect a super indulgent experience. 

It’s also one of the best romantic choices with breakfast in a private pool in an overwater bungalow. It’s an unparalleled experience!

Best French Polynesia resorts with floating breakfasts

4 Koh Samui, Thailand 

A view towards the sea across a private villa pool in Koh Samui
Samujana Villa has all the luxury vibes – it’s the perfect spot for a Thailand floating breakfast

Thailand is a country that brags so many bucket list experiences. It’s also a culinary paradise so it’s perfect for indulging in a breakfast treat! 

There are lots of gorgeous spots to visit across Thailand. However, if you’re looking for the best luxury experience (or you just want to fly and flop), my recommendation is Koh Samui. 

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As Thailand’s second biggest island, you’ll find tons of gorgeous resorts as well as plenty of floating breakfast options. As a super pretty, tropical destination you can expect breakfast in a pool overlooking the sparkling turquoise sea!

Best Thailand resorts with floating breakfasts

5 Fiji 

If you want a floating breakfast destination with tropical palms, sugary beaches and incredible island resorts – you can’t go wrong with Fiji! This country is the epitome of paradise and has idyllic spots for a floating breakfast.

The floating breakfast concept isn’t as popular here as some of the other destinations (I could only find two resorts). However, the options that are available are absolutely worth it!

As a destination that’s home to over 300 islands, Fiji is the perfect place to escape from it all and indulge in a serene and beautiful setting. So as you’d expect, a breakfast here will be luxurious, peaceful and picture-perfect!

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Best Fiji resorts with floating breakfasts

6 Caribbean 

A floating breakfast tray in a pool by the beach

With powdery beaches, turquoise waters and all the good vibes, the Caribbean is one of the best tropical destinations. 

The Caribbean is known for its private and romantic dining experiences like candlelit dinners on the beach. It’s therefore no surprise that many of the islands have caught on with the floating breakfast trend.

You’ll find floating breakfast options across several Caribbean islands including Jamaica, Antigua, Aruba and Bahamas. Better still, the resorts themselves are super romantic – so they’re ideal for a dream getaway!

Best floating breakfasts in the Caribbean

7 Mexico

Mexico is a foodie’s dream destination so of course it had to be included on this list. Chilaquiles and Mexican pastries in the pool – yes, please!

From Cabo to Tulum, there are incredible beach resorts across Mexico. It’s also a destination that does luxury so well with romantic five-star resorts and boutique hideaways. They’re the perfect place for a floating breakfast!

Stunning scenery comes part and parcel in Mexico with its white sandy beaches, palm trees and cenotes. Because of this, a floating breakfast here will tick the boxes if you want a pretty setting. 

Best Mexico resorts with floating breakfasts

8 Costa Rica

As one of the world’s most picturesque destinations, it makes sense that you’d find incredible swimming pools and experiences in Costa Rica.

Across the country, there are tons of beautiful spots with amazing hideaways, nature retreats and rainforest lodges. However, the best places I’ve found for floating breakfasts are over on the coast.

My two recommendations are on the western coast and they’re super pretty resorts with a paradise setting overlooking the ocean.

Best Costa Rica floating breakfast resorts

9 Greece 

A view from a villa in Santorini looking over a pool towards the sea

Greece is one of the best places in Europe to have a floating breakfast. It’s a beautiful destination where you’ll find luxury resorts with incredible pools.

Some of the best floating breakfasts in Greece are in Santorini and Mykonos. These Cyclades islands are perfect for couples and are known for their romantic and trendy vibe. 

It totally makes sense that they have the best floating breakfasts for two! Here you’ll be able to sip on a smoothie (or champagne!), indulge in pastries and gaze out over the Aegean Sea.

Elsewhere in Greece, you could also choose Crete for a floating breakfast. I love this island – as Greece’s largest it boasts a lot and has amazing options for a special vacation.

Best Greece hotels with floating breakfasts

10 United Arab Emirates

A pool in a private villa in the middle of the desert in the United Arab Emirates
Al Maha Dubai offers floating breakfasts with a desert twist

UAE is known for luxury with its cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi. It’s therefore fitting that you’d find lavish and romantic breakfasts here!

If you’re after a cosmopolitan city, beaches or a desert adventure, this is also a destination that ticks the right boxes. As a country that feels unique, the Emirates also offers different experiences with its floating breakfasts. 

From modern rooftop infinity pools to private pools in the desert – there’s so much to love! Because how incredible would a floating breakfast be surrounded by the desert sands?!

Best UAE resorts with floating breakfasts

11 Seychelles

A view over the sea towards a tropical beach with granite boulders and palm trees

The Seychelles’ 115 scattered isles are the ultimate slice of heaven. If you’re wanting a truly peaceful and luxurious island retreat – this is the destination for you!

As a country that’s all kinds of perfect, you’re in for a treat with a floating breakfast here. It doesn’t get much better than indulgent dining in a tropical, private plunge pool overlooking the Indian Ocean.

It might not be the cheapest option but you’ll find the dreamiest romantic resorts with postcard views. They’re the perfect setting for an unforgettable morning!

Best Seychelles resorts with floating breakfasts

12 Italy

Italy and romance go hand in hand. It’s a country with all the loved-up vibes so where better to splurge on a romantic breakfast?!

Unlike some of the other options on this list, I’ve only come across one hotel in Italy that offers floating dining. BUT, it absolutely delivers so you don’t need to look elsewhere!

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Set in the mountains of Northern Italy, Chalet al Foss is an influencer’s dream. It’s a breathtaking alpine hotel and it promises a fairytale experience for its guests.

There are loads of unique dining options here (including breakfast with alpacas!) as well as floating aperitifs and breakfast in the hot tub. 

Best Italy floating breakfast hotels 

13 South Africa

Ever since I visited South Africa, I’ve been obsessed. Not a lot of destinations have as many bucket list experiences as South Africa. Whether you want a safari, beaches, cities, culture, wine estates or a road trip – this country’s got you!

For me, the best part of South Africa is its game reserves. Staying in a luxury safari lodge is next level and a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Overlooking the wilderness and spotting animals is one thing, but how about adding a floating breakfast into the mix?!

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I found two lodges that offer exactly that. These gorgeous options have mouthwatering floating breakfasts overlooking the peaceful African landscape.

Best South Africa lodges with floating breakfasts

14 Sri Lanka

Two orange sun loungers and an umbrella next to a pool overlooking the sea in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka packs a punch with its natural wonders. It’s a wild paradise that’s easy to fall in love with. It’s therefore a first-rate choice for a special experience!

Across the country, there are so many beautiful destinations and resorts with ultra-pretty scenery. Think rolling hills, misty mountains, tea plantations, temples and golden beaches.

When it comes to floating breakfasts, several properties tick the boxes. You’ll find options in Hill Country as well as on the coast so expect a thoroughly gorgeous backdrop.

Best Sri Lanka resorts with floating breakfasts

15 Vietnam

A view across lush green rice terraces and mountains in Northern Vietnam

Vietnam is another foodie gem, so it’s only right that you’d get amazing floating breakfasts here. You’ll also find the most sumptuous hotels so it’s a fab choice for a honeymoon or special occasion!

A lot of the best options are along the coast between Ho Chi Minh City and Hue, but you’ll also find two choices in Sapa. They’re heavenly with their jaw-dropping setting.

As you can probably expect, the floating breakfasts in Vietnam brag all the best scenery. Whether you’re a beach lover or a fan of lush rural scenery, Vietnam has somewhere to suit!

Best Vietnam resorts with floating breakfasts

Floating breakfasts – Final thoughts

Whether it’s for your honeymoon or you simply want a special experience on vacation, a floating breakfast is always a good idea!

With loads of destinations now offering floating menus, you’re spoilt for choice. So – no matter your travel style or budget, there’ll definitely be somewhere perfect for you. I hope these floating breakfast ideas help you plan your dream trip!

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