10 Best Caribbean Islands for Couples

Aerial view over a tropical beach in the Caribbean with turquoise sea, white sand and palm trees

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Looking for the best Caribbean islands for couples? The Caribbean is one of the world’s top places for a romantic escape so I don’t blame you!

Boasting powdery sands, shimmering seas and a whole host of luxury hotels, the Caribbean is every beach-loving couple’s dream. 

But, with so many countries, territories and paradise settings across the Caribbean, it can be really hard to decide which island will be best for you.

There are similarities between destinations (e.g the most heavenly beaches), but there’s lots of diversity too. Some islands epitomise romance and are gorgeously secluded while others are vibrant, fun and filled with lots to do!

So if you’re wondering where to go for your next getaway – I’ve got you covered! Keep reading for my pick of the 10 best Caribbean islands for couples!

When to visit the Caribbean

The best time to visit the Caribbean is from December to April when it’s drier and less humid. Hurricane season is from June to November.

Southern islands like St Lucia, Barbados and Trinidad & Tobago are usually less impacted by hurricanes, but it’s still something to keep in mind.

Best islands in the Caribbean for couples

1 Saint Lucia

Best for: Couples who want a really romantic retreat 

As one of the Caribbean’s best honeymoon destinations, St Lucia is amazing for a romantic couples escape.

This is a destination that boasts a lot, but it’s famed for its lush, dramatic scenery – it’s a seriously beautiful country. 

Whether you’re after palm-fringed beaches or untouched rainforests, you’ll be in luck with St Lucia. There are loads of breathtaking natural sights, including jungle reserves, botanical gardens and waterfalls.

For those who love hiking, the Piton mountains offer brilliant views. You’ll also find volcanic landscapes and mineral-rich mud baths if you want something relaxing.

As one of the world’s most romantic destinations, you’ll find no shortage of loved-up activities.

Private dining, couples spa treatments, horseback riding and magical sunset cruises are all part and parcel in St Lucia… It’s as if this island was made for love – it’s definitely one of the best Caribbean islands for couples! 

If you want to stay somewhere special, St Lucia ticks the right boxes. There are plenty of intimate, luxury resorts on this island, including Jade Mountain which has romantic, open-air rooms overlooking the sea.

How to get there: The main airport is Hewanorra International Airport (UVF). There are regular non-stop flights from London, which take 9 hours. From the US, direct flights take 4hr 30 from New York and there are also non-stop flights from Miami, Atlanta, Boston & Chicago.

2 Barbados

Best for: Couples who want beautiful beaches and lots to see & do

An empty white-sand beach with palm trees, greenery and calm sea on a sunny day in Barbados

Barbados is one of those destinations that you’ll want to go back to again and again.

A lovely little island, this is a country that offers lots to see and do, so it’s a great choice if you want more than the beach (although its beaches are some of the best in the Caribbean!)

Activities and excursions include off-road safaris, hiking, plantation trips, food tours and rum tasting. There are also incredible festivals in Barbados – including Crop Over which happens every July/August.

Both laid-back and lively, Barbados has to be one of the best Caribbean islands for couples looking to celebrate and have a good time.

Beach hopping is brilliant in Barbados, too – the beaches are gorgeous.

As well as the pristine white sands on the west coast, Barbados’s impressive Atlantic beaches are beautifully rugged with desert island vibes. 

If you love being in the sea, Barbados boasts some of the best snorkelling and scuba diving – it’s renowned for its dive sites and shipwrecks. Plus, you’ll find amazing spots for surfing.

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When it comes to accommodation, you’ve got celeb-rated resorts on the Platinum Coast like Sandy Lane. You’ll also find romantic resorts and boutique hotels, such as Sandals Royal Barbados and Colony Club.

How to get there: From the UK there are direct flights from several airports (incl. Glasgow, Bristol, London & Manchester) to Grantley Adams International Airport (BGI). Flights take 9 hours. There are also non-stop flights from Miami, Boston & New York.

3 Cuba

Best for: Couples who want culture and something unique

If you’re looking for an authentic and romantic Caribbean experience, Cuba could be the island for you.

Although it’s a classic destination, this is an island that offers something a little different than its glitzy Caribbean neighbours. Vibrant and alive with old-world charm, Cuba in my opinion is really magical!

You won’t be disappointed if you’re dreaming of soft sand beaches but, there’s a lot more to Cuba than that.

The colonial capital of Havana is a big highlight –  you’ll want at least a day or two before moving along the coast.

This is a city that’s famous for its colourful streets, vintage cars and buzzing nightlife so it’s a fun city with a super pretty backdrop. 

Cuba is also great if you want accommodation that’s a little rustic with a bit more charm and romance. As a destination, it’s less flashy than some of the other Caribbean islands, but it does have a lot of gems.

In Havana, there are gorgeous, intimate boutiques (like A|S Boutique Residency and Residencia Santa Clara) that are lovely for a couples break.

On the beach, Cayo Guillermo Resort Kempinski is a five-star hideaway. 

How to get there: From the UK, there are direct flights from Manchester to Varadero Juan Gualberto Gomez Airport (VRA) that take 9 hours. There are no direct flights to Havana from the UK. You’ll find direct flights from the US, but check the rules around visiting Cuba as an American tourist.

4 Turks & Caicos 

Best for: Couples who want privacy and the world’s best beaches

Aerial view looking down over a deserted white sand beach and blue sea

Turks & Caicos has made a name for itself as one of the world’s best beach destinations. Made up of 40 islands (of which 8 are inhabited), Turks & Caicos is a paradise gem.

Grace Bay beach on the island of Providenciales has been the winner of best beach in the world on numerous occasions – so if you’re after the most breathtaking of sands, you can’t go wrong!

With its glorious beaches and untouched islands, Turks & Caicos is a lovely destination if you want to try island hopping.

You’ll find pretty cays and secluded shores. Plus, you’ll have lots of privacy, so it’s fab for a peaceful getaway.

This is a destination that’s a little less touristy than some of the other Caribbean islands, so you won’t find so much to do. But, if you want to relax in a heavenly setting, you won’t be disappointed.

If you love being in the water, there’s lots of opportunity for snorkelling and swimming. Turks & Caicos is home to one of the world’s largest barrier reefs and there are really clear waters.

It’s also a great destination for horse riding on the beach.

For accommodation, there’s plenty of choice for a romantic break –  from villas on a private island to stylish beach resorts. It is one of the more expensive Caribbean destinations, but it means you’ll have plenty of options to make your trip extra special. 

How to get there: You can fly direct from London to Providenciales International Airport (PLS) in 10 hours. There are direct flights from New York, Atlanta & Philadelphia if you’re travelling from the US.

5 Jamaica

Best for: Fun-loving couples who want a lively atmosphere

Jamaica is one of the Caribbean’s most famous and most loved islands. It’s known for reggae and rum, and is a culturally diverse country with breathtaking scenery.

The country boasts photogenic beaches and there’s loads you can enjoy on the water like catamaran cruises, sailing and snorkelling.

But, Jamaica has really romantic settings away from the shore, too, with its waterfalls and mountainous jungles. It’s also a great island to go rafting, horse riding and hiking. 

Jamaica lives up to its reputation, so you’ll find lots of opportunities to party under the stars. It’s a vibrant destination and has to be one of the best Caribbean islands for couples who want a really good time. 

If you want to splash out on accommodation, Jamaica is amazing for that, too. There are lots of incredible hotels – it’s a top honeymoon destination so many hotels are made with couples in mind.

Sandals Resorts and Couples Resorts have several properties in Jamaica that are amazing for a romantic getaway. 

How to get there: From the UK, there are direct flights from London, Manchester, Birmingham & Glasgow to Montego Bay’s Sangster International Airport (MBJ). Flights take 10 hours. There are lots of direct flights to Jamaica from the US. 

6 Antigua

Best for: Couples who want a timeless and romantic escape

View from Antigua's Shirley Heights looking towards the boats and azure sea in the English Harbour

If you want a timeless tropical escape, the twin islands of Antigua and Barbuda could be perfect for you. Antigua is the larger of the two and is a really lovely choice for a romantic vacation.

As a destination, it’s slightly more private and relaxed than some of the other Caribbean islands so it’s a great place to spend quality time together.

As one of the Caribbean’s smaller islands, it’s easy to get around Antigua and you’ll never be far from where you want to go.

Plus, Antigua is filled with scenic spots – it’s even blessed with 365 beaches, so if your priority is the beach, you can’t go wrong!

There’s lots to see and do in Antigua – from visiting the capital of St John’s to enjoying the sunset at Shirley Heights lookout. It’s a dreamy setting with views over the English Harbour.

If you want luxury or adults-only accommodation, Antigua fits the bill with five-star villas and all-inclusive resorts, as well as overwater bungalows at Royalton Antigua

How to get there: There are direct flights from London to VC Bird International Airport (ANU) that take 8 hours. From the US, you have non-stop flights available from Miami, New York & Charlotte, which take 3-4 hours.  

7 Bahamas

Best for: Couples who want to relax on pristine beaches

In the northern Caribbean, the Bahamas is absolute paradise and is definitely one for the sunseekers! It’s an amazing destination for couples and is one of the most popular Caribbean destinations.

Comprised of around 700 islands fringed by coral and glittering waters, the Bahamas is postcard worthy.

Vacations here are, above all, about relaxation and beachside bliss. There’ll definitely be no lack of boat trips, sunbathing and days spent snorkelling.

You’ll want to look into some of the islands before booking a couples trip to the Bahamas. All are dreamy, but each offers something a little different. 

If you want the most spotless sugar sands, the idyllic Exumas are fab (it’s also where you can swim with pigs). Cat Island, Eleuthera and Long Island are also lovely for a secluded and romantic stay.

If you want a bit more to see and do, Nassau and Grand Bahama might be better bets.

Whichever you choose, you’ll find great accommodation across the islands – from big resorts to tranquil beachside villas. 

How to get there: Direct flights go from London to Nassau’s Lynden Pindling International Airport (NAS) – they take 9 hours. You can fly to a few destinations (incl. Nassau, Freeport and George Town) direct from the US. From Miami, the flights are only one hour.

8 Tobago 

Best for: Couples who want an authentic eco getaway

Drone view of a deserted tropical golden beach fringed by countless palm trees in Tobago

Part of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, lovely Tobago is perfect if you want a stripped-back and rustic experience.

You’ll still find luxury, but this is a destination that’s focused a lot more on idyllic retreats that prioritise nature.

Tobago feels special and relatively untouched – which is why it’s definitely one of the best Caribbean islands for a couples escape!

It is also very much an eco destination so it’s an ideal choice if you want to travel more sustainably.

Its Main Ridge rainforest is the oldest legally protected forest – so you can expect lots of nature and wildlife activities. You’ll find everything from wildlife tours to hiking and kayaking.

Plus, Tobago is famous for its Bon Accord Lagoon where you can see bioluminescent waters twinkling in the moonlight – it’s a really magical spot. 

There’s lots of secluded accommodation in Tobago, including wellness retreats and eco resorts that are amazing for a peaceful and romantic escape. 

How to get there: You can fly to Piarco International Airport (POS) in Trinidad in 9 hours direct from London Gatwick. You then need to transfer to Tobago by ferry or a short flight to Tobago’s A.N.R Robinson International Airport (TAB). It’s the same transfer for US travellers.

9 Grenada

Best for: Foodie couples who want an under-the-radar gem

If you want a super chilled-out and relaxing Caribbean vacation, Grenada could be the best island for you. This is a destination that really defines heaven – it’s a beautifully pristine and diverse island.

If you’re a foodie, Grenada will also be a winner. Known as the Spice Isle, the food in Grenada is amazing.

You’ll be able to try lots of sweet treats like its famous nutmeg ice cream and local chocolate while you’re there, too.

For things to see and do, Grenada has a picturesque capital that you can explore and there are lots of water activities to enjoy, including diving at an underwater sculpture park.

It’s also a perfect destination for nature lovers thanks to its gorgeous reserves and waterfalls.

The beaches are obviously beautiful too. Plus, you’ll often have space to yourself so it’s one of the best Caribbean destinations for couples wanting solitude to connect and enjoy each other’s company. 

Despite being less touristy than some of the other Caribbean islands, you’ll still be able to stay in upscale hotels if that’s a priority.

Luxury inclusive resorts like Spice Island Beach Resort and Sandals Grenada are perfect if you want somewhere special. 

How to get there: There are no direct flights from the UK to Maurice Bishop International Airport (GND) – you can transfer via Miami, Trinidad or St Lucia. The shortest flights are 11 hours, but many will be longer. From the US, you can fly direct from New York, Miami & Charlotte.

10 St Barts

Best for: Couples who want an ultra-glam luxury getaway

View across a harbour with yachts and red-roof buildings in St Barts

St Barts – or Saint Barthélemy – is loved by the rich and famous. If you have the cash to splash, this Caribbean jewel is a real winner for many reasons – especially its stylish accommodation and super exclusive feel.

It’s a really sophisticated spot, so a couples holiday here won’t be like any other.

Expectedly, St Barts is one of the most expensive islands in the Caribbean. There’s a focus on finery and it therefore has a different feel to other Caribbean islands.

Because of its luxury status, there’s also less mass tourism so it can feel much more peaceful.

St Barts is known to have some of the world’s best sailing conditions and it’s a paradise destination for yacht charters.

Thanks to its clientele, fine dining and high-end retailers are all found on the island, too. Plus, there’s a whole load of luxury spas – it’s a really amazing destination for indulgence!

You’ll also find beach clubs and lively bars so there’ll be lots of opportunity to celebrate with your love.

And, there’s swanky accommodation that’s made for elite travellers and couples wanting the dreamiest getaway – from ultra-luxe private villas to five-star resorts. Cheval Blanc St-Barth Isle de France is the most famous – it’s a glamorous hideaway with palace status.

How to get there: There are no direct flights to St Barts from the UK. The best way is to fly to Princess Juliana Airport (SXM) on St Maarten (with a stopover en route). Then hop on a short flight or ferry. You can do the same from the US.

Whichever island you choose, you really can’t go wrong in the Caribbean – these scattered isles are heavenly and all equally amazing. However, I hope this post has helped you narrow down some options so you can find the island that feels the most perfect for you!

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