Why Honeymoon in Cold Places? Winter Honeymoon Ideas

A wooden hut set in an idyllic winter landscape in front of snowy mountains and forests

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If you’re planning your honeymoon, maybe you’ve found yourself wondering: why would people honeymoon in cold places? If you can’t see the appeal of a cold weather honeymoon – I’m here to change that! 

People typically think of tropical islands for their honeymoon, but there are SO many reasons to honeymoon in cold places instead! Even though a beach break is heavenly, there’s something extra romantic and unique about a cosy winter escape.

If you’re ready to be convinced about a cold winter honeymoon  – this post is for you! I’ll be breaking down the reasons why it’s brilliant to honeymoon in cold places, as well as giving you some tips and ideas on where to go.

1 Cold weather honeymoons are picture-perfect

A frosty lake in the US, surrounded by snowy pine trees and mountains

It goes without saying that there are tons of gorgeous places you could choose for your honeymoon. But even so – there’s something magical about a snowy winter trip.

If you’re a nature-loving couple and want to get away from it all – a cold weather honeymoon is a unique and dreamy option.

You’ll find loads of cold places that boast the prettiest natural landscapes. Whether that’s remote and untouched snowscapes, fresh white forests and mountains or isolated scenery under the glow of the Northern Lights. 

Cold winter honeymoons are all about the most breathtaking surroundings. It makes it an idyllic, cosy and super romantic choice!

2 You can stay in cosy & romantic accommodation

It’s not just the scenery that’s magical, but the accommodation options for a winter honeymoon are next level, too.

It’s not that overwater villas in Bora Bora or island resorts in Fiji aren’t dreamy. But what about a private five-star lodge in a snow-dusted forest, a cosy and romantic mountain retreat or a luxury spa resort surrounded by falling snowflakes?

There are so many choices for something a little different that will make your honeymoon truly unforgettable. Forget blazing winter sun – instead, you could cuddle up in front of a crackling fire, warm up with toasty drinks and relax in the most serene setting.

3 Cold places are great for festive celebrations

A busy Christmas market in Austria with twinkling lights and a Christmas tree, surrounded by grand buildings

Christmas is easily the most romantic season. If you love the holiday festivities, a winter honeymoon is definitely for you! 

There’s so much to love about winter. It’s a magical time of the year and offers tons of bucket list honeymoon experiences.

As well as exploring romantic holiday markets across Europe, you could take in the twinkling lights of New York City or head to Lapland for a once-in-a-lifetime Christmas getaway.

You’ll be able to spend your time hand-in-hand sipping mulled wine, ice skating and cosying up on your own Hallmark-type holiday escape. It feels like the perfect way to celebrate!

4 Winter honeymoons offer unique experiences

A red train winding through a white snowy mountainous landscape

Even though winter is a heavenly time to snuggle up, there’s tons you can see and do on a cold weather honeymoon. Winter sports and activities are obviously a big draw of a vacation at this time of year.

The ski resorts across North America and Europe are amazing for a winter honeymoon. Your days will be filled with skiing, snowboarding and plenty of apres-ski celebrations. 

If skiing isn’t your thing, there are also places to try snowshoeing, or you could take a romantic horse-drawn sleigh ride or a dog sled. Another dream experience is to journey through the Alps on a snowy scenic train. 

Trains like the Glacier Express and Bernina Express run through Switzerland and are absolutely breathtaking in winter. There aren’t many experiences like it!

5 Cold honeymoons can be cheaper & quieter

While the destinations that focus on winter tourism will be at their peak, there are still budget-friendly options if you choose a winter honeymoon. 

After the Christmas rush, many city break destinations are ideal if you want to make your money stretch further. Romantic places like Paris, London and New York are fab in January and February when you’ll benefit from off-peak pricing. 

It’s the best time for splashing out on luxury when hotels can be more affordable. Plus, these destinations are a little quieter in these months so it’s great for avoiding the crowds.

If you like the sound of a cosy winter escape, I’ve rounded up some of the best cold honeymoon destinations. These are all non tropical honeymoon destinations where winter falls between December and March!

1 Finland

Several small wooden cabins set amongst a snowy forest in remote Lapland
Finland is one of the best winter honeymoons in Europe for heavenly snowscapes

First on the list is Finland. This is a country that’s perfect for a cold weather honeymoon and it’s easy to see why. Finland is an absolute bucket list winter destination and has so much to offer newlyweds.

Part of the Arctic Circle and home to Lapland, Finland has all the mystical winter vibes. If you visit before Christmas, you could head to Rovaniemi for a festive wonderland. But even in the new year, there’s tons to love in this country.

From husky sledding, snowshoeing and stargazing to glimpsing the Northern Lights, there’s lots to tick off your list. The further north you go, the more surreal the landscapes are – it’s ideal for an unforgettable snow honeymoon. 

Where to stay: Wilderness Hotel Inari is a gorgeous choice for a honeymoon. Surrounded by blankets of snow in winter, this cabin accommodation is cosy and romantic. 

2 Canada

A frozen lake in Canada surrounded by forests and white, snowy mountains

Canada is known for its harsh winters, but it’s not all to be avoided. This is a country that has some of the best mountain and winter resorts for couples, with unbelievably picturesque settings.

The provinces of British Columbia and Alberta in Western Canada are my top choices for a winter honeymoon. In particular, Whistler and Banff are perfect for an enchanting escape. 

It’s here that you’ll find the most breathtaking natural scenery with snow-clad mountains, forests and frozen lakes. You’ll also be able to try everything from cross-country skiing and snow sports to hiking, snowshoeing and sleigh rides!

Where to stay: Fairmont Banff Springs is an iconic, luxury resort in the heart of Banff National Park. It’s a super choice, surrounded by pristine scenery.

3 Switzerland

Pretty, snow-clad chalets in the remote Swiss Alps
Switzerland is one of the dreamiest honeymoon destinations in winter

Switzerland is a gorgeous choice for a winter getaway. If you want to go skiing, the Swiss Alps is one of the best ski honeymoon destinations. You’ll find beautiful snowy peaks as well as luxury accommodation that’s perfect for newlyweds.

Even if you’re not into winter sports, the luxurious resorts in Switzerland are fairytale-worthy and ideal for a special occasion – think lavish palaces, five-star spa resorts and pretty, snow-covered chalets!

Elsewhere in Switzerland, places like Zurich and Lucerne are lovely for a cold honeymoon. It’s also in Switzerland that you can hop aboard the Glacier Express or Bernina Express for a multi destination honeymoon that takes in jaw-dropping alpine scenery. 

Where to stay: Grace La Margna St Moritz is a five-star boutique hotel with super pretty lake and mountain views. 

4 Norway

A quaint, snowy harbour in Norway with red boats and buildings in front of rugged mountain scenery

Norway feels like an underrated honeymoon destination but it has SO much to offer. This is a country that flaunts a lot of beauty and packs a punch with its natural wonders.

Even though Norway is great in summer for active pursuits, winter in this country is thoroughly enchanting.

Places like the country’s Lofoten Islands or Tromso in the far north are absolutely stunning in winter. In both, you’ll be blessed with snowscapes, dramatic mountains and a chance to spot the Northern Lights.

Elsewhere in Norway, I love Bergen for a peaceful winter honeymoon. In the new year, this picturesque city is fab to visit when you’ll benefit from fewer crowds. It’s also a city that’s surrounded by nature so it’s perfect for exploring the fjords.

Where to stay: With its glass cabins, Aera in Tromso is a cosy choice for an Arctic wilderness honeymoon.

5 United States

A snow-covered tree in the mountains on a bright sunny day in the US

Whether you live in the US and want a minimoon or you’re travelling from overseas, there are lots of places for a winter honeymoon here. 

The Rocky Mountain states are some of the best for a snowy getaway. This region is renowned for its pristine, jaw-dropping scenery and remote wilderness – it’s picture-perfect for a romantic snow honeymoon!

This is also where you’ll find some of the country’s best ski resorts. Colorado is a winter wonderland with options like Aspen and Vail

The famous Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in Wyoming is another dream honeymoon destination. You’ll definitely want to combine a ski trip here with time exploring Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park, too.

Elsewhere in the US, New York is lovely for a snowy city honeymoon. In the lead-up to Christmas, you’ll get all the twinkling lights and festive atmosphere. Or, in the new year, it’s brilliant for a quieter and more affordable option. 

Where to stay: Close to the ski area and Grand Teton National Park, Hotel Jackson is a top choice for gorgeous scenery. 

6 Iceland

A rugged mountainous landscape in Iceland with frozen waterfalls under the Northern Lights
If you want adventure, Iceland is one of the best cold places for a honeymoon

Iceland is a dream destination for nature and adventure lovers – and it’s no exception in winter! Although daylight hours will be short, Iceland is still a bucket list destination at this time of year.

Filled with dramatic wonders like hot springs, geysers, volcanoes, glaciers and waterfalls, Iceland is a once-of-a-kind eco destination.

Lots of the best activities in Iceland can still be enjoyed in winter – like relaxing at the Blue Lagoon and visiting Thingvellir National Park. It’s also the best time for chasing the Aurora Borealis with the longer and darker nights.

Iceland is also quieter in winter so it makes it a much more peaceful honeymoon. Plus, you might be able to find deals and better rates in what is otherwise a notoriously expensive country.

Where to stay: The Retreat at Blue Lagoon Iceland is an iconic hotel that ticks all the boxes for a dream honeymoon.

7 Japan

A serene and quiet garden with a lake and fresh snow in Japan

Japan might bring up images of pretty cherry blossom but don’t give up on the idea of a winter visit. This is a fab destination for beautiful snowscapes and skiing, as well as heavenly hot springs that are perfect in the colder weather!

Japan is obviously an exceptional destination for culture and has some of the most amazing cities. It’s an ideal country for an adventure-packed winter honeymoon where you can take in all the different sites. 

In winter, Japan is much quieter than any other season so it’s great if you want to avoid the crowds. You’ll also get cheaper rates which is fab if you want a luxury hotel at a much better price.

Where to stay: Zaborin is a secluded onsen hotel in Hokkaido in northern Japan – surrounded by nature and close to some of Asia’s best ski slopes.

8 Italy

A view across a quaint, remote village under dramatic, snowy mountain peaks in the Dolomites
Italy is the perfect choice for a romantic winter honeymoon

Italy is one of the world’s best honeymoon destinations. It might be associated with balmy days on the Amalfi Coast and dining alfresco – but there’s a charm to Italy in winter, too. 

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Even though you won’t be hitting the beaches, Italy’s cities are brilliant year-round. And because they’re notoriously busy in summer, you’ll be able to have a much more peaceful experience during the winter months.

Cities like Rome, Florence and Venice are super romantic and great to visit in winter. I especially love Venice at this time of year when you’ll be able to experience more of the city’s charm!

Another of Italy’s romantic honeymoon destinations is the fairytale Dolomites. With blanketed mountain peaks, this is a part of the country that’s exceptionally photogenic.

Skiing and outdoor activities are part and parcel in winter. But it’s also an amazing place for wellness with spa hotels that make the most of the blissful views!

Where to stay: Forestis Dolomites is a paradise honeymoon hideaway with incredible mountain views.

✔️ Travel outside school vacations: If you choose a peak winter destination, the period outside the school holidays is when it will feel a little quieter. 

✔️ Pre-book ski lessons: If you’ve never skied and fancy a ski honeymoon, make sure you book and plan for lessons for when you arrive. 

✔️ Get winter travel insurance: Travel insurance is super important – especially if you’re heading to a ski or winter resort. Most travel insurance doesn’t include winter sports cover unless you specifically add it on.

✔️ Wrap up warm: Needless to say – you’ll need to plan well for a winter honeymoon. Make sure you pack thermals, layers and comfy clothes so you can enjoy yourself fully!

✔️ Delay your honeymoon: If your wedding is in the summer, you don’t have to jet off right away. If you love the idea of a cosy and cold honeymoon, It’s perfectly fine to delay your trip till winter.

Little huts in a remote, snowy landscape under a bright starry sky

What are the most affordable winter honeymoon destinations?

If you travel after Christmas, you’ll find many affordable honeymoon destinations. Fairytale cities in Europe like Prague, Krakow and Vienna offer a cosy setting at a good price. New York City can also feel affordable once the peak holiday season has finished.

Where can I go for a winter honeymoon in Europe?

So much of Europe is great for a winter escape. If you want a winter wonderland honeymoon, places like Iceland, Finland and Norway are top choices.

The romantic cities of Paris, Venice and Prague are also great at this time of year. Plus, Europe is brilliant for an unforgettable ski honeymoon with dream resorts in the Alps and the Dolomites.

What are the best winter honeymoons in Canada?

The western provinces are my top choice for a winter honeymoon in Canada. British Columbia and Alberta are picture-perfect in winter with scenic mountains, lakes and blankets of snow.

What are the best winter honeymoon destinations in the USA?

As such a vast country, the US has tons of choices for a winter honeymoon. Its ski regions would be my top pick – especially Jackson Hole and Aspen. You’ll find yourself surrounded by the most glorious natural scenery. New York City is also an incredible winter honeymoon destination.

A view across snowy Central Park in New York towards a historic towering building

What are the best winter honeymoon destinations in Switzerland?

As one of the most beautiful countries in the world, you won’t be short of gorgeous places to honeymoon in Switzerland. Some of the country’s best winter honeymoon destinations include St Moritz, Gstaad and Zermatt for skiing, Basel for Christmas markets and Lucerne and Zurich for a romantic city break.

What are the best snowy honeymoon destinations? 

There are SO many amazing places for a snowy winter honeymoon. Some of my favourites include Finnish Lapland, Norway, the Alps and Western Canada.

What are the best Christmas honeymoon destinations?

Europe’s Christmas markets are utterly romantic for a honeymoon. Cities like Basel in Switzerland, Bath in the UK and Bruges in Belgium are lovely for a Christmas honeymoon. Finnish Lapland and New York City are also good for a festive break.

Why is winter romantic?

A remote, snowy village in Norway, set against a rugged mountainous backdrop

Crackling fires, mugs of steaming cocoa and snuggly interiors. Winter feels like the most romantic season of the year – especially in the run-up to Christmas.

Winter is all about the cosy vibes. It’s when you can cuddle up and enjoy gorgeous snowy scenery and stay in serene accommodation. It’s magical and absolutely romantic in my opinion!

Cold weather honeymoons – Final thoughts

So why honeymoon in cold places? I think there are loads of reasons to want a cold weather winter honeymoon. With awe-inspiring natural scenery, winter feels ultra romantic.

It’s also the perfect time to snuggle up inside as well as tick off some amazing bucket list experiences. Whether it’s skiing at a fairytale alpine resort, visiting a Christmas market or cosying up at a wilderness retreat, winter honeymoons are unique and unforgettable.

I hope this post has convinced you that a honeymoon in the cold is worth it. If you want a honeymoon that’s extra special and overflowing with romance, you can’t go wrong with a snowy winter escape!

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