The Best Multi-Destination Honeymoon Ideas for 2023

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With so many incredible places to go on your honeymoon, it can be hard to decide on just one… If that’s you, you’re in luck!

Multi-destination honeymoons (or multi-centre / twin-centre honeymoons) are all about combining two or more honeymoon destinations into one dream getaway.

So, if you’re torn between options, this is the best way to create the ultimate escape that ticks the right boxes for both of you.

As well as giving you the opportunity to experience two completely different places, it’s an amazing way to incorporate all the things you love into just one trip. Plus, it allows you to maximise your adventure!

So, if you’re ready to plan an unforgettable getaway, here are the best multi-destination honeymoon ideas for the absolute trip of a lifetime!

Best multi-centre honeymoon ideas:

Tanzania & Zanzibar

Want both a safari holiday and a tropical beach getaway? A multi-destination honeymoon to Tanzania and Zanzibar could be your perfect match!

Three elephants in the wild

Tanzania is a classic safari destination and an unforgettable choice. Boasting vast open plains and incredible scenery, it’s a breathtaking option for a safari honeymoon.

Tanzania is home to the world-famous Serengeti – a protected yet unfenced area teeming with wildlife. It’s a really romantic setting for a dream getaway. For the ultimate honeymoon experience, you’ll be able to stay in a safari lodge where you can wake up to the sounds of nature.

Then, you can hop on a short flight to the tropical island of Zanzibar. Still part of Tanzania, Zanzibar is an exotic Indian Ocean paradise.

A drone view looking down on a tropical beach in Tanzania

With its shimmering seas and beautiful powder sand beaches, this is a blissful destination for lazy days in the sun.

You’ll find culture and history in Zanzibar, too. You’ll be able to explore Stone Town and visit the spice farms for an authentic honeymoon experience.

Los Angeles & Fiji

Fiji is one of the world’s best tropical escapes. On many people’s bucket lists, it’s undeniably a fantastic honeymoon destination. But, as one of the furthest to reach countries from the UK, it’s a great idea to combine Fiji with another destination. 

To break up a journey from the UK – and to get the best of both worlds – you could start your multi-destination honeymoon in Los Angeles.

A view towards the Los Angeles skyline at sunset from a road that's lined with palm trees

This buzzing US destination is an amazing place for a cool, city getaway. You’ll be able to spend your days exploring Beverly Hills, hiking in Griffith Park or soaking up the sun at trendy Venice Beach.

There are loads of iconic landmarks to take in, plus you’ll find a brilliant choice of restaurants and hotels that are perfect for a luxe honeymoon.

From Los Angeles, you can then head to Fiji where paradise awaits! Perfect after a busy few days in the city, you’ll be met with idyllic beaches and cast away vibes.

A view across the sea looking towards a deserted tropical beach that's fringed with palms

If all you want to do is relax, you can opt for a luxury resort in the Mamanuca islands where you can rest, unwind and take in the stunning scenery.

Or, for more adventure, consider island hopping for the ultimate tropical experience. You can find the perfect Fiji island hopping itinerary here.

Singapore & Thailand

A favourite with jet setters, Singapore is an indulgent setting for a honeymoon. This vibrant city-state is a must if you want to splurge on luxury – it’s renowned for its world-class hotels like Raffles Singapore and Marina Bay Sands

Often used as a stopover, Singapore has a lot to offer and is an amazing place to begin a multi-destination trip.

Looking up at a Supertree in Gardens By The Bay, Singapore, that's lit up at night

A cultural melting pot, you’ll find modern architectural gems mixed with beautiful temples in Singapore. The Masjid Sultan Mosque is particularly breathtaking.

As well as exploring the different districts, you’ll be able to visit Gardens by the Bay and experience the city’s famous nightlife, too. 

When you’ve had your city fix, Thailand will be the next stop on your multi-destination honeymoon.

Not just for backpackers, Thailand is one of the world’s most scenic destinations and is one of the best honeymoon destinations in Southeast Asia. It’s vibrant, lively and one of those places you’ll never forget. It also has the best food, which is always a winner!

Palm trees on a secluded bay in Thailand with longtail boats in the sea

For the dreamiest option, you’ll want to head to Krabi where you’ll find yourself in a beachside paradise.

Located on the southwest coast, Krabi has the most jaw-dropping views – think limestone cliffs, lush forests and unspoiled beaches. It’s also in this region that you’ll find the famous Railay Beach and the gorgeous Phi Phi islands, so you’ll definitely have lots to explore.

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Sri Lanka & Maldives

There are so many reasons to honeymoon in the Maldives. But if you’re dreaming of more than the beach, it’s a great destination to combine with Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka has so much to offer, making it a gorgeous choice for a honeymoon. From sweeping golden coastlines to lush wildlife, rich history and drool-worthy food – it really has it all.

Ancient rock fortress of Sigiriya, Sri Lanka seen from above

During a Sri Lankan honeymoon, you’ll want to visit the tea plantations, lounge on sun-kissed beaches and travel on the world’s most picturesque train from Kandy to Ella. 

You can even head on a safari to spot elephants and leopards in the wild. And, if that’s not enough, Sri Lanka is a wonderful wellness destination so there’ll be lots of time for beachside yoga and spa treatments, too. 

When you’ve soaked up the beauty of Sri Lanka, it’ll be on to the Maldives for the next part of your honeymoon.

Overwater bungalows in the Maldives

The Maldives is the epitome of honeymoon bliss. You’ll find exceptional private island resorts that make the most of the pristine scenery. Beach lovers will be in paradise and you’ll have lots of opportunities for snorkelling and diving, too.

For an indulgent honeymoon, you’ll want to stay in a luxury overwater villa where you’ll have breathtaking views across turquoise seas. 

Dubai & Jordan 

As a common stopover city, Dubai is a great option for a multi-destination honeymoon. There are loads of places you can combine it with, but my favourite choice has to be Jordan!

In Dubai, you’ll find ritzy hotels, luxury shopping and impressive skyscrapers. It’s a city that’s the definition of glam.

Modern skyscrapers beside a busy multi-lane road in Dubai

For beaches, there’s a dazzling shoreline to enjoy under the Arabian sun. And, as a cosmopolitan city, you’ll be able to discover fascinating cultural sites in Dubai, too. Plus, if you’re dreaming of the desert, you can easily day trip to the dunes.

Then, from the glitz of Dubai, it’s on to the beautiful country of Jordan. This glorious destination has so much to brag about – it’s a place where you’ll feel you’ve been transported to another world.

Famous for its historical treasures, Jordan offers a complete contrast to the skyline of Dubai and it’s a must-visit destination if you want an adventuremoon.

Looking through an archway towards Petra, Jordan

Petra is the renowned spot, but you’ll also want to visit the Wadi Rum desert to see its striking rock formations, canyons and towering red dunes.

If you want more to see and do on your honeymoon, you can go snorkelling in the Red Sea in Jordan. Or, for a unique experience, you could head to the Dead Sea and float in the mineral-rich waters.

South Africa & Mauritius

There’s so much to see and do in South Africa that it’s an incredible destination on its own. But, it’s great to pair with Mauritius, so you can lounge on white sandy beaches after busy days of adventure.

There are lots of areas that you’ll want to see in South Africa – from the cool, cosmopolitan vibes of Cape Town to the ultra-romantic Cape Winelands. South Africa is obviously an exceptional safari honeymoon destination, too.

Two giraffes in the wild in South Africa

There are countless game reserves and amazing national parks to experience. You’ll also find loads of luxury safari lodges that were made for an unforgettable escape.

If you want to experience the best of South Africa, you can read my South Africa Honeymoon Guide, here.

After experiencing South Africa, Mauritius will be the next destination on your multi-destination itinerary.

A view along the coast of Mauritius framed by a mountain

Described as heaven, it’s easy to see why this Indian Ocean nation is a top honeymoon hotspot. As well as an abundance of beautiful beaches, you’ll find an eco-paradise with nature reserves, botanical gardens and tropical forests to explore.

Plus, Mauritius boasts a ton of luxury resorts that were made with honeymooners in mind. Favourites include Royal Palm Beachcomber and LUX Grand Gaube Resort & Villas.

There’s such a great choice of places to visit so I hope this gave you some inspiration. I can’t wait to hear what multi-destination honeymoon you decide to book!

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