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Is Fiji Boring or Worth Visiting?

A close up of a hammock between trees next to calm blue sea in Fiji

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If you’re planning a tropical getaway and wondering: Is Fiji worth visiting or is it boring? I’ve got you covered with this post! 

As a remote, tropical island destination, a lot of people assume Fiji is boring. This is, after all, a country that’s renowned for its idyllic, pristine beaches and laid-back way of life. 

I spent a month in Fiji and, before I visited, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Obviously, I knew the beaches would be gorgeous, but I didn’t know how much there would be to see and do. 

So is Fiji boring or is it worth visiting? If you want to know what Fiji is really like, you’re in the right place! I’ll be sharing my experiences in Fiji as well as reasons why it may or may not be the right place for you.

Is Fiji boring?

A view across hilly, tropical terrain on an island in Fiji

I understand why people might think Fiji is boring. The country is famous for being a chilled-out, luxury beach destination. It’s a top choice with honeymooners and is a picture-perfect, blissful choice for a relaxing break.

That said (like anywhere) a vacation to Fiji can be whatever you make of it!

Obviously, you’ll find heavenly five-star island retreats where lots of guests spend their time doing very little. But you’ll also find travellers who fill their days in Fiji with so much to see and do!

When I visited Fiji, I had days lounging on the beach (or in a hammock) reading a book and sunbathing. But, a lot of my time was filled with activities. In my opinion, it was a perfect balance of adventure and relaxation!

I found there were loads of fun activities and experiences in Fiji – a lot of which felt really unique. So if you’re not sure what to expect, I’ve outlined below some of the best (non boring!) things you can do if you travel to Fiji. 

You can go island hopping

Brilliant turquoise sea with a speedboat travelling away from a nearby island in Fiji

As I’ve mentioned, a trip to Fiji can be whatever you make it. You can book a luxury island resort and spend your days soaking up the sun (which in my opinion is still heavenly and absolutely worth it!). But you can also get out and explore more of this beautiful country.

If you’re someone with itchy feet who’s easily bored, island hopping is a great way to add adventure into what might otherwise be a lazy vacation. 

With over 300 islands, there’s so much diversity in the landscapes around Fiji and loads more to see, do and experience.

The most popular place for island hopping in Fiji is within the Mamanuca and Yasawa Islands chain.

The Mamanuca Islands are small white-sand isles with cast away vibes, while the Yasawas are a lot more rugged with dramatic volcanic landscapes, palm-fringed beaches and sapphire waters.

Elsewhere in Fiji, Taveuni is a nature paradise. It’s the perfect place for hiking with trails, waterfalls and gorgeous rural scenery.

The main island of Viti Levu is also a brilliant island to explore with cultural sites, towns, rural landscapes, national parks and the beautiful Coral Coast.

If you want to visit several islands in Fiji, you’ll never be bored. There’s so much to see, experience and take in!

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There’s lots for adventure lovers to do

If you’re the kind of person who loves an adrenaline rush, there’s lots to try out in Fiji. Some of the activities you could do include skydiving, abseiling, parasailing and forest ziplining. 

You could also take a helicopter ride, go whitewater rafting or join an off-road quad bike tour over rugged landscapes in Viti Levu. 

One of the experiences I loved in Fiji was visiting the Sawa-I-Lau Caves in the northern Yasawas.

These gorgeous sea caverns are significant in Fijian culture and include a secret cave that you can only reach through an underwater tunnel. It’s definitely worth seeing and makes a great day trip.

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You can join cultural experiences

Authentic Fijian houses set amongst greenery and palm trees

One of the best things about Fiji is its rich, vibrant culture and its incredibly friendly locals. The hospitality was next level and the people I met were the kindest, warmest and most welcoming!

Because of this, Fiji is a top destination for culture lovers and those who want to gain an insight into another way of life.

Even if you stay at an island resort, you’ll likely have the chance for cultural experiences such as visiting a local village or joining a kava ceremony.

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Other things you could experience include seeing a traditional meke dance, taking part in a communal lovo feast, visiting the largest Hindu temple in the Pacific, learning traditional crafts and seeing a firewalking ceremony.

The islands offer bucket list water activities

It goes without saying that Fiji is an epic destination for water activities and experiences. If you love being in the sea – you definitely won’t be bored in Fiji! 

Fiji’s islands are incredible for snorkelling and scuba diving. You’ll be able to rent equipment from your resort as well as take day trips and excursions. You could also learn to dive in Fiji with a PADI course (so you’ll have plenty to keep you busy!)

In Fiji there are lots of bucket list water activities to try too – like swimming with manta rays, diving with sharks and cave swimming. You could also go dolphin watching, sea kayaking or jet skiing.

There’s so, SO much to do in terms of water activities that you’ll definitely find lots to fill your time.

There are opportunities for hiking & exploring

It might be a country that’s renowned for its deserted beaches, but Fiji is home to so many gorgeous hiking trails with options that take in waterfalls and rainforests. 

The scenery in Fiji is absolutely breathtaking. You’ll get a lot of Bali vibes with tumbling waterfalls, lush jungles and volcanic landscapes. 

Some of the best hikes are on the islands of Viti Levu and Taveuni – you’ll find multi-day island hikes as well as shorter options.

There are also short hikes in the Yasawas that deliver beautiful views across the surrounding islands. They’re really great options for active travellers who can’t sit still.

You’ll find tons of day trips & excursions

A mountainous, rugged coastline along tropical Waya island in Fiji

It’s impossible to see how you’d be bored in Fiji when you look into the day trips, tours and excursions you can join.

Lots of resorts offer organised activities, but it’s also possible to book them yourself or sign up as part of an inclusive package.

There are so many fun things to do in Fiji (including romantic things to do if you’re on your honeymoon).

Some of my favourites included sailing trips and exploring untouched islands (like Monuriki which was used for Tom Hanks’s Cast Away film) as well as visiting a local village and joining a kava ceremony.

You can also explore national parks, reserves and tropical gardens, go to hot springs and mud pools, as well as hike and horse ride. There’s obviously loads of snorkelling tours you can join as well as sunset cruises, island hopping trips and spa sessions to enjoy, too!

A visit to Cloud 9 or Seventh Heaven is also fun if you want a more lively vibe. These floating platforms in the Mamanucas offer drinks, food and music all in the most heavenly setting. Day trips depart from Port Denarau (near Nadi) on the mainland.

In my opinion, Fiji offers a good balance of activities and chill-out time. It’s a destination that for me ticked all the right boxes and gave me a chance to both relax as well as explore. 

However, not everyone has the same travel style or preferences and that’s totally okay! There are people who simply won’t like Fiji and will still think it’s boring and not worth it. 

I personally can’t say there are bad things about Fiji. But, to help you decide if you’ll like it, I’ve included below some reasons why you might want to avoid Fiji and go elsewhere.

You don’t like water activities

A view across teal coloured water towards a deserted, paradise island

This is probably obvious, but if you don’t like water, you’re not going to like Fiji! So many of the best experiences are water-based – from snorkelling and diving to boat trips and watersports.

A lot of your time will be spent in or on the water so if you cut out all those activities, there’s a good chance you’ll be bored in Fiji (and it definitely won’t be worth it!)

You’re travelling on a tight budget

Unfortunately, Fiji is a destination that’s on the spendier side. Yes, you can travel to Fiji on a budget, but it’s best explored with cash to spare. 

Island hopping can be expensive in Fiji and many of the top day trips and experiences can add up. So if you’re not willing to part with any cash, you might find yourself sitting around getting bored!

You prefer city breaks rather than nature

A waterfall and natural pool in a tropical nature reserve in Fiji

Some people prefer spending time in cities and urban areas. If that’s you, you probably won’t like Fiji (or at least you won’t want to spend a long time there). Fiji is very much a destination that’s focused on nature and getting away from the hustle and bustle.

Yes there are things to do, but it’s still serene and it’s far far removed from what you’d get from a city break. 

You like to party on vacation

Fiji is a pretty quiet destination. It’s not known for its nightlife like Thailand or Bali is. So if you’re looking for crazy late nights, Fiji probably isn’t the destination for you.

That said, there are a few places in Fiji that have a bit more of a lively atmosphere – like Beachcomber Island in the Mamanucas and Cloud 9. More so in Fiji the bars and restaurants have a relaxed and chilled vibe rather than a party scene.

Is Fiji worth visiting?

A palm tree hanging over a beach at sunset

Ummm, YES! To me, Fiji is a bucket list destination that’s absolutely worth visiting. It’s the epitome of paradise with some of the world’s best palm-fringed beaches, coral reefs and natural scenery.

There’s loads to love about Fiji. I’d go back if I got the chance, so in my opinion, it’s definitely worth it (even with the unbearable flight from the UK!)

There’s something for everyone in Fiji and it’s a destination that’s fab for different types of tourists – from honeymooners and couples to families and solo travellers.

With lots you can take part in and experience it’s definitely not boring. But equally, if all you want is a relaxing break, it’s a dream destination, too!

It’s also a great place to combine with Australia or New Zealand if you want to add on an island escape to your time down under.

How many days in Fiji is enough? 

I’d recommend at least one week in Fiji to be able to experience the key things, while still having time to relax.

You’ll definitely want a longer stretch if you plan to go island hopping. And if you’re travelling from further afield (like Europe), you’ll probably want 2-3 weeks to make the journey worthwhile. 

I spent a month in Fiji with two weeks of island hopping and that felt perfect to me! 

Palm trees framed against a brilliant clear blue sky

Is Fiji safe?

Fiji is a safe country with a low crime risk. I had no problems at all when I travelled to Fiji. Just take obvious precautions (as you would anywhere) –  like keeping your belongings safe and not going out at night alone away from your resort.

Is Fiji expensive?

Fiji isn’t the cheapest option and there’s definitely lots for luxury travellers to love. However, it’s not a country that has to break the bank. There are ways to travel to Fiji on a budget, including staying in dorms or simpler accommodation, as well as searching for package deals or discounts.

What is the best time to visit Fiji?

The best time to go to Fiji is during the dry season from May to October

Is the Maldives or Fiji better?

Both Fiji and the Maldives are dream destinations to visit. Neither is better than the other but they do have a few differences.

I’d say there’s less to do in the Maldives because you’re usually confined to one private island resort. The Maldives also caters a bit more to honeymooners and luxury travellers with a higher number of overwater villas and ultra-exclusive, romantic accommodation. 

Fiji on the other hand, is better suited to those who want heavenly beaches as well as adventure activities and more of a local feel.

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Is Bali or Fiji better?

Bali and Fiji are both worth visiting and offer something a little different. Fiji is most known for its palm-fringed white sandy beaches and incredible water activities.

Bali, on the other hand, has a bigger focus on nature and sightseeing with photogenic rice terraces, waterfalls and temples. You can check out my Bali vs Fiji comparison here.

Is Fiji similar to Bora Bora?

In many ways Fiji is similar to Bora Bora. They’re both paradise destinations in the South Pacific and both boast beautiful tropical scenery. However, Bora Bora is more expensive than Fiji and feels more exclusive with a bigger focus on honeymooners and luxury couples travel. 

Is Fiji worth the hype?

Yes, Fiji is worth the hype! I had an amazing time visiting Fiji and loved how remote, exotic and different it felt at the time.

Fiji is a destination that has some of the world’s dreamiest and most photogenic beaches. Plus, many of the small islands are calm and peaceful because they don’t have any cars. 

It’s a place with real barefoot beach vibes and still has a great choice of activities, excursions and things for everyone to enjoy. 

Is Fiji worth it or is it boring? – Final thoughts

Fiji is a dream destination and it’s no wonder so many people want to go there. There are tons of reasons to visit Fiji. There’s something for pretty much all travellers to fall in love with – and enough to offer that you shouldn’t be bored!

This is a destination that offers as much or as little as you’d like. If you want to stay in a luxury island resort, zone out and relax the entire time – Fiji’s got you covered! Likewise, if you want more to see and do, you won’t be disappointed.

This breathtaking, picture-perfect paradise is one of my favourites to explore so I definitely recommend going to Fiji as soon as you get the chance!

So my conclusion? YES, Fiji is worth it and absolutely no – Fiji isn’t boring! What are your thoughts? Is Fiji worth it? Get in touch and let me know!

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