About Mariee Travel

Hi! My name’s Hannah Marie and I’m the blogger and creator behind Mariee Travel. I’m passionate about travel and I love sharing guides, tips and resources to help people plan their dream vacation!

My two favourite things have always been writing and travel. After I graduated from uni in the UK, I worked for 8 years as a wedding magazine editor and it was a dream job. Everything about my work was amazing, but the thing I loved the most was writing about honeymoons each and every day!

From mini-breaks to month-long adventures, I’ve always been hooked on travel!

Exploring Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula

I’ve backpacked around the globe checking off my top bucket list destinations – my favourite was definitely Thailand, but I also spent 5 weeks in Australia, a month in New Zealand and volunteered in Fiji, too.

I’ve also been lucky to holiday across five continents, as well as review and write about some of the most unbelievable honeymoon hotels and paradise locations.

Mariee Travel was born with all this in mind!

When I lost my job to the pandemic, I didn’t want to give up writing about travel. I wanted to create a blog that’s a celebration of the very best that this beautiful world has to offer.

A site that’s dedicated to the crazy-amazing adventures: The dream bucket list destinations. The splurge-worthy trips where you have “pinch-me” moments over and over again. The once-in-a-lifetime honeymoons and the romantic five-star getaways that you can’t wait to one day treat yourself to.

I love writing about travel and sharing my favourite destinations, tips and recommendations so you can make your travel dreams a reality!

Whether you’re after honeymoon or holiday content, I hope you find this blog inspiring and that it’s helpful as you plan the kind of trip you’ve always dreamed of.

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